The Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania is a government agency, which participates in the shaping of national policy in the field of management and use of documents and archives, as well as implements this policy, supports the Chief Archivist of Lithuania in the carrying-out of state administration of the field of documents and archives.


State archives of Lithuania would like to report, that Reading rooms of the State Archives will be closed from March 13th. The on-site visitor service will be temporarily suspended. Please feel free to contact archives via e-mail or phone.

We will keep you updated on the aforesaid services when the situation concerning coronavirus (Covid-19) changes.




By the resolution of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 2021 was declared the Year of Archives


Lithuanian State archives celebrate the 100th year anniversary since the first State archive was established in Lithuania in 2021. Recognizing the role of Lithuanian memory institutions in preserving and sensitizing the nation's historical and cultural memory, promoting conscious development of the cultural identity of the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, and promoting respect for the state, its history and national culture, the Seimas passed a resolution declaring 2021 the Year of the Archives.

Increasing attention to Lithuanian memory institutions is delightful: the year 2012 was declared the year of museums and the year 2016 was declared the year of libraries. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the first Lithuanian State archive, we will have open the doors of archives even further, and to further explore the treasures of the state's documentary heritage preserved here.

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